Liverpool 8

I was watching Larry King this evening when I saw Ringo Starr performing his new single “Liverpool 8”. as I listened to the performance and interview, some very interesting thoughts crossed my mind in terms of rock music as a whole. I would consider myself to be very open in terms of tastes in regards to music, although I do tend to lean more towards the R&B and Rap portions of the spectrum. Something that I think is worth mentioning (while some time in class has been spent brushing over the topic) is the fact that Rock has a timeless appeal, as evident by the fact parents and children of this generation often attend the same concerts. This sort of unity is absent from the rap genre as the genre can evolve almost within months. throughout the time I have spent closely listening to hip-hop, I can probably mark five different transitions or movements within the music in itself. What’s lametable about this particular scenario is that the genre seems to be in constant struggle between commercial corruption and artistic aesthetic; what can appear to be a fresh voice from a part of the country seldom heard from, can in reality be just a market diversification project. the fact that this rock and roll icon, who grew to fame in the 60’s, an era so different from today, can produce music that is enjoyed by the youth just reinforces the timeless aspect of rock music as a defining characteristics from other music genres.
Another fascinating point raised by Liverpool 8 is the fact, on the show, Ringo gave Larry a wristband; this was no ordinary wristband as it was in reality a concealed usb drive loaded with the entire liverpool 8 album along pictures, photos, and bios. I found this especially intriguing considering the discussion we had in class concerning music as a product versus a service.
IfI can figure it out I’ll try to find a CNN link to the interview and save to my delicious account.

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