G.O.D. by Common,

this post is in reflection of the lesson that Dr.Campbell gave yesterday about music and dreams. At one glance, I figured the things that he was telling us were things that we all may have known, but that deserved a little extra emphasis. It wasn’t until about 5 minutes ago, During my Friday wine down time, that I listened to the song G.O.D. from Common’s album “One Day it will All make sense”. The song is a beautiful work of art that speaks to religon as what should unite people, and makes a very interesting message about how the things that should bring us together, in the end become the things that will tear us apart. The lyrics are powerful, but I also believe that the way the instruments themselves are employed contributes to the beauty of the song.
The point of this post contains no religous affiliation ( I may be the most Agnostic person in existence) but rather I feel that this song contains a bit of the things that Dr.Campbell discussed. For instance, the Dream portrayed and preached by this song is something I wish existed not only upon the religous aspect, but on the political spectrum. I live in a dorm with many individuals. One of the first people I met when I was here is a libertarian atheist, I consider him to be one of my best friends. Although we differ in our opinions of metaphysical existences, I will still value his companionship long after we are living down the hall from one another and probably as long as time allows me. Another set of friends I have are Liberal, and yet another Conservative. I feel as though the ability for multiple groups here to not only co-exist but to be friends amongst one another, implies greater scenarios for peace. Not only the constantly preached World peace, but of a greater peace in society. In all honesty, who is willing to say that they feel that there is an antagonism free atmosphere at Mary Washington, or anywhere? The ideal at hand here is one that could revolutionize not only the larger scale of being, but the smaller, everday things.
The issue naturally is as impossible as all of is the seminar becoming famous music stars. But the dream, that’s where it all lies. at the concept of the infinite that can only grow out of our experiences, essentially our beings. I do believe it is our nature to dream, our goals that we set for ourselves become proof of that. which brings me to the second song. Ordinary People, we look to our dreams for guidance I think, which is generally frowned upon by society. SImply put, Just as John Legend claims it is impossible to leave those dreams without reality keeping us in check; our self narritives never really involve reasonable or actual ontologies. Maybe we dream because we are just selfish and greedy, maybe the bounty of existence isnt enough for us. Or maybe we dream because we are hopeful, and we wish for the greatness of our visions to come true as existence reaching its bountiful potential? Or maybe we do because we have nothing better to do. I think the point is that Dr.Campbell’s message about dreams yesterday is one worht serious consideration, and one that no matter how often it’s told, will always use another reminder for us, so that we can all one day “make the damn album”, because Life will never be the fancy jukebox, record player, cd, mp3, or Ipod music player that we hope it to be without them.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for an inspiring end to my workday. Keep on dreamin’.