Liverpool-the anthem of our class

As everyone may or may not know, Dr.Campbell is leaving Mary Washington after this school year. This really came as a blow to many. Most, if not all students involved with the english department know that Doctor C is perhaps one of the more inspiring instructors around. His ability to bring others to reflect critically […]


This semester has been one of comfort. I for one came back after the winter break and felt right back at home. But there are a few things that have changed, and these changes have been pretty drastic. Soon construction on campus will be complete and new facilities on campus will be available. Our new […]

watching the dream fade

So i have finished this rigorous semester, and among many hard learned lessons I can say this much for sure: I am not going to major in physics, nor will I even venture to try. This sounds like something basic that I should have learned some time ago, but no. I once dreamed of being […]

So come and skate with me…

Hey everyone, As the class comes to an end, I feel like I owe, to some degree, an explanation. Personally, and I say this only because I feel like there was something I meant to get across that didn’t quite make it’s way across the bridge. What I want to get across to everyone is […]